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What if you could step through a sacred doorway, into a new life, the life of your dreams?

Don’t wait for an invite to your new life... step up and claim it!


Is it possible to jump timelines and manifest a higher version of your reality? 

You’re an empath who loves to work with spiritual practices to enhance your life.

You want to keep your energy clear and aligned so you can feel your best.

You have been told that you’re a highly sensitive person and pick up on other peoples energy easily.

But you struggle to set energetic boundaries and keep your energy high vibe.

But you also see the possibilities of working with powerful energy portals that can propel you forward leaps and bounds!

You try watching mediations on YouTube but none of these meditations give you what you really need. You still feel as though there is something missing.

What if you could harness the Lionsgate portal to activate your energy and fast tack your manifestations (even if you usually have trouble manifesting your desires).

Effortlessly Step Through This Sacred Doorway...

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve their goals. That means that most people (92%) fail to manifest their desires.

I have developed a process that harnesses the Lionsgate Portal and eliminates the need to spend months aligning your thoughts and energy.

It allows you to stop struggling and feeling like a victim of life and circumstances. It is the end of failed manifestations and the start of a new life.

It truly takes you from dissonance (out of whack) to resonance (on fire) in all of 60 minutes without having to leave your home!


I know what you are thinking…

It won’t work for me because I’ve tried stuff like this before and it didn’t work… But you haven’t tried THIS specific process on THIS Lionsgate Portal!

If it was that simple everyone would be taking advantage of the Lionsgate Portal to align their energy and manifest desires… Most people have no idea this is happening let alone how to access the energy.

How is this different from meditating or other manifesting practices? ...VERY different! But you have to come along to experience the transformation for yourself. :)


"So Relaxing and Healing"

“Thank you Sandra for this meditation it was so relaxing and healing. I feel lighter with inner peace and calm. Peace and Blessings to you."

~ Gloria

"Huge Profound Effect"

"This meditation had a huge profound effect, like no other has ever had. I cannot thank you enough for helping me release all the limiting baggage I have carried. I now look forward to a new, enlightened way of life.... thank you so much again."

~ Angela

"I Feel So Light"

"Thank you Sandra, I feel so light this was an amazing healing and meditation. Many blessings to you."

~ Julie

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Step off the merry-go-round of life and take a moment out of the chaos to realign and reset. 

  • To carry that energy - the positive momentum forward so it fills every aspect of your life like a warm welcoming balm.

  • And with your energy aligned you start to see your desires manifest with ease and grace. You start to notice people are kinder because your energy is softer. You start to feel loved, and you love feeling this way, and the cycle continues as you carry the energy forward.

And if something happens to throw you off course, you can simply go back to the recording of the live session and listen and experience the energy all over again. It’s like a spiritual medicine cabinet that you can go to any time to fill up with positive vibes!


The truth is:

If you don’t begin to take responsibility for your energy and your manifestations, chances are nothing will change. And your desires will still seem out of reach.

If you’ve already felt the nudge to activate your energy during this Lionsgate Portal, that means you ALREADY have within you what it takes to step through that sacred doorway, into a new life.


During this August Lionsgate Portal Activation…

...I will walk you through the steps to work with your Angels and guides to activate your energy so you can manifest a higher version of your reality.

  • Connect with the Solar Lion with the Ankh of the Sun Lords to ignite your inner life force.
  • Call on Parasiel, Guardian Angel of Hidden Treasure to harmonise your energy.
  • Work with Hermes Trismegistos, Guardian of Spiritual Alchemy to activate the Sacred Law of Three.
  • Invoke Verchiel, Ruler of Leo to activate your hearts desire and see it manifest.

"I got so much out of it"

"Thank you so much! I absolutely loved this, I got so much out of it. I’m looking forward to doing the meditation again."

~ Rachael

"Super Powerful"

“This one was super powerful, my entire body was jumping and tingling. I felt like so much negativity was being pull out of me. Thank you so much Sandra!"

~ Monica

100% Money Back Guarantee 

When you join us for this Lionsgate Portal Activation, I guarantee you'll notice the difference in your life...

And if you don’t experience a massive shift, all you need to do is email me: [email protected] and I will happily refund your investment - no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


Hey, I'm Sandra and I’ve helped thousands of empaths to activate their energy and step into a new life and now it’s your turn!

Because of the unique way I work with the Angels to enhance the Lionsgate Portal Activation, unbelievable change can manifest in your life through ease and grace, using the Law of least effort.

For a limited time I’m offering the opportunity to take part at a fraction of the normal cost. With the early booking offer your investment is just €70 €35 ($35 USD).


When you sign up you also get 

2 Extra Gifts (Valued at €129)

I have 2 additional gifts for you, because I know these extras will help you to SPEED UP the manifesting process and really experience what it FEELS like to upgrade your energy.

  1. Angelic Initiation & Transformation -

    You are going to L-O-V-E this meditation it's made of Angel gifts, blessings and a sprinkle of magic!

    • Uriel brings - yellow/gold and blue/white flames of purification, transformation, healing & angelic initiation to the light.
    • Camael brings - crimson & rose gold, igniting courage, stamina, strength & vitality.
    • Machidiel brings - ruby red confidence, self-belief, passion & empowerment.

    So deeply healing, uplifting and empowering. Get instant access when you sign up.

  2. Live Angel Card Readings - At the end of the Lionsgate Activation, you get to ask Sandra questions and receive personal guidance from the Angels. Sandra will also share a collective Angel reading with intuitive guidance & common messages for the group. If you're in need of direction or clarification about anything in your life, you'll love this part!

From Dissonance to Resonance…


Over the years I’ve seen so many empaths struggle with misaligned energy which can feel like life is working against you.

If you don’t jump on this opportunity to harness the Lionsgate Portal, how will you manifest a higher version of your reality?

Your life doesn’t have to be one of struggle.

It’s for that reason I want to make sure that as many as possible experience this Lionsgate Portal Activation so I can help you to get going and start creating that alignment and MOMENTUM in your life.

And when you finally do step through that sacred doorway, think about how many opportunities will immediately open up for you.

With the Lionsgate Energy working for you, you can spend less time misaligned and struggling and more time feeling connected and enjoying a new version of your reality.

If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is just €70 €35 ($35 USD).

So, if you are ready to FINALLY step up and claim your new life so you can step out of dissonance and step into fully aligned resonance, register by clicking the link below, and I'll see you soon!


"A New Cycle of Time Creation begins..."

"The Lions Gate is a very special time in the Sacred year.  It is the moment when a new cycle of Time Creation begins, and you are able to end and initiate time lines, or time cycles as we prefer to call them.  You can also jump timelines, realities and even universes in your creative quest to live your best life (lives) merging all experience into the powerful and ever present NOW moment.”
This will be a powerful time and indeed you will be called to enter into your full power as Masters of Light and Creation and Embodied Souls in Human Angelic Bodies.”
~ Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn