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Don't wait for life to get good in order to FEEL good...

Raise your vibration and start to feel good no matter what is going on in your life.


Is it possible to rise above your problems?


Your energy is THE catalyst for change.

Most try to change their life from the OUTSIDE, they try to change their circumstances, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to change from the inside FIRST… you have to change your energy so that new circumstances can come about, but most have no idea how to do this.

When you change your energy, life change happens with SPEED and EASE. When you try to change other people or circumstances, it involves great effort and struggle and change is slow or not at all.

If you’re thinking I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work for me, chances are you tried and then gave up when you didn’t see results. You stopped just before the change could manifest in your life. Or perhaps you saw some change and stopped doing the practices that got you there and the results faded.

This is a mistake I want to help you to fix.

Effortlessly raise your emotional vibration.

Author David R. Hawkins says that 99% of the world’s population is living at a contracted frequency (below 200). This means that most people are either suffering or just getting by.

In order to live in flow, you need to raise your vibration to match what you want to attract.

This 5-day Vibrate Higher energy reset will kick start your frequency so you can effortlessly raise your vibration and rise up the emotional vibration chart into more expanded states of love and joy.

What happens when you start to rise your emotional vibration? You start to FEEL better, but not only that, life starts to get easier. You begin to surf the waves instead of drowning in the swell.

Many of us wait for life to get good in order to feel good, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to feel good in order for life to get good!

Most people have no idea that the universe works this way and they spend so much time and effort trying to solve their problems without changing their vibration FIRST.

BUT trying to solve problems while your vibration remains contracted only creates more problems.

What if you didn’t have to solve ANY problems? What if you could simply rise above them?

Sounds too good to be true, but when you become a master of your vibration you don’t need to believe it because you are experiencing the results DIRECTLY in your life.

I can help you to quickly increase your emotional vibration so that you can experience ease and joy in your own life, and November is the perfect time of year to start. 

November is an 11 month which is a master number which helps us to more easily access the higher realms.


"I am so full of energy"

"Thank you Sandra,I really feel there is a change on the horizon..and I am so full of energy!!"

~ Collette

"It feels like my soul is awakening"

“With the spiritual practices that I’m learning and the meditation, it feels like my soul is awakening from a long sleep and unfurling like a beautiful flower!"

~ Anne

"Immense benefit..."

"It has been of immense benefit. I was so blocked. You really are a Godsend! Thank you so much."

~ Bernie

Imagine what it would feel like...

  • To start and end your day feeling peaceful, centred and calm.
  • To trust that the universe is working FOR you, not against you, because you have mastered your emotional vibration.
  • To no longer live in fear because you are centred in acceptance, trust and peace.

If you are wondering how you can do this, remember this is not about feeling good ALL the time. You are entitled to your emotions and to feel them fully. The problem is when you get STUCK in heavy emotions of fear, worry, doubt and anger which will always drag you down.

Being able to SHIFT into higher vibrations when needed is essential.


The truth is:

If you don’t begin to take responsibility for your energy and OWN your power, chances are you will keep struggling through life. And struggling keeps you in suffering.

If you’ve already felt the nudge to raise your vibration, that means you ALREADY have within you what it takes to step into a higher frequency.


During this November, Vibrate Higher 5-day Energy Reset...

...I will walk you through the steps to work with your Angels and guides to release heavy energy and start to raise your vibration and experience more peace and ease in your life.

Day 1 - Divine Light Cleansing

Day 2 - Vibration Demystified

Day 3 - High Vibes, Happy Life

Day 4 - Power Unleashed

Day 5 - Star Angels of Light Energy Attunement

"Wave after wave of energy"

"The flow of energy was really strong in my body I had wave after wave of energy."

~ Karen

"I got so much out of it"

"Thank you so much! I absolutely loved this, I got so much out of it. I’m looking forward to doing the meditation again."

~ Rachael

When you join us for Vibrate Higher, our €57 virtual 5-day energy reset (valued at €325)...

...I guarantee you’ll walk away with a higher vibration.

In other words, if you don’t FEEL better by the end of the 5-days, all you need to do is email me - [email protected] and I will happily refund your investment - no questions asked. Plus you get to keep all the meditations and processes.


I’ve helped thousands of empaths to connect with the Angels and raise their vibration and now it’s your turn!

I’ve hand selected the meditations and processes that I know work for Vibrate Higher. If you were to buy each process/meditation separately they would be valued at €325, but as part of this November 5-day energy reset I’m offering them to you at a fraction of the cost for just €57.


When you sign up you get

2 Extra Gifts (Valued at €180)

I have 2 additional gifts for you, because I know these will help you to SPEED UP the process and really experience what it FEELS like to Vibrate Higher

  1. Life Path Alignment - Instantly align your energy to your optimal life path... this is where you get to experience your dreams as reality!
  2. Diamond Crystal Light Body Activation - Accelerate your progress with Angel Seraphiel and the Seraphim to activate your diamond light body and attune to the super high frequency of the diamond light ray. You'll want to experience this again and again!

From Frustration to Momentum...

Over the years I’ve seen so many empaths struggle to raise their vibration and MAINTAIN a higher frequency which can feel so frustrating. They stay stuck and their life remains a struggle.

If you don’t actively raise your vibration now, how will your life change? Where will you be this time next year?

It’s for that reason I want to make sure that as many as possible experience Vibrate Higher so I can help you to get going and start creating positive momentum in your life.

Raising your vibration is ESSENTIAL. And when you finally do open up your frequency, think about how many opportunities will immediately unlock for you.

If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is just €325 €57.

So, if you are ready to finally vibrate higher so you can go on with living through ease, get registered by clicking the link below, and I'll see you soon!